Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Over 150 Recipes for Vibrant Health and Healthy Weight

book-cover-v3Do you ever struggle to figure out what you are going to eat next and ask yourself the question “What is a healthy diet?” and then conclude in frustration “I just don’t know what to eat!”  With all the conflicting nutrition info and diet scams out there, it’s easy to see why so many people get confused and don’t know the answers to these basic questions.

Let me share with you how I have helped my clients discover the truth about nutrition..prevent disease…easily lose and maintain weight…get glowing, clear skin… master the basics of healthy cooking…eliminate depression…and radically transform their bodies without fancy diets, expensive drugs, or dangerous surgery.

I spent the past 3 years doing massive research and reading volumes of journals, clinical studies, books, reports and interviews with experts. I studied the best and most successful health, nutrition , and fitness experts and summarized their work.  I spent my time figuring out what worked in the long term and what didn’t, while working with real people, my clients.

"What About That Rainbow" is the result of my in-depth research.  It blends traditional Asian wisdom with modern western science and knowledge. If you care about your health and the health of your family, this book is a must-read!





Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Healthy Cooking for Longevity and Abundant Energy

“What About That Rainbow” is much more than just another book on health and nutrition. It is more like an easy-to-read manual for your body. I wrote this book for those who would like to learn more about themselves, by gaining a solid understanding about how their bodies work.


You will come to understand cellular nutrition, how your immune system works, the importance of your digestive system, how different foods impact the different systems, and which foods and nutrients your body really needs and how you can easily incorporate those foods into your day.

You will learn how you can feed your body systems most optimally and thus help your body to regenerate. I am discussing a number of different food pyramid models as well as “controversial foods”, such as soy, beef and milk, pointing out downsides and benefits. You will learn about “health-robbers” as well as “super foods” that are sitting in your grocery store.back-cover-v3e2809d

You will learn simple ways how you can save time in the kitchen and yet bring very creative, tasty and wholesome meals on the table. You will find a large collection of mostly simple and incredibly nutritious recipes from all around the world. Each recipe comes with a description of the benefits it brings (e.g. supports heart health, eye-health, anti-cancer, etc.) and with an estimated time how long it takes to prepare.

I am putting special emphasis on quick, healthy and creative breakfast and snack foods, including sweet (using wholesome natural sweeteners) and savory waffles, crepes, muffins and other treats. During my 6 years of nutritional counseling I found that this is where most people struggle to make good choices.

You will get ideas how you can incorporate fruits and vegetables in a number of creative ways, from cultures from around the world. You will get ideas how to spice up your salads and soups, turning an ordinary meal into something very special, yet without laboring for hours. Many dishes can be prepared within 10-20 minutes, some within even less time. Whereas this book features mainly vegetarian dishes, you will find some wonderful chicken and seafood recipes, as well.